Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Version 11.0.11 Free

Microsoft's seasoned and familiar browser

Internet Explorer. That pretty much concludes our review. Eager for more? Well, we can't really blame you. This review, so far, is so well articulated, so engaging, so full of itself, that you must be begging for more. Well, no one will be able to blame us for being cold, heartless, environmentally indifferent editors. Who are we to deny users what they really want? Here's more!
Internet Explorer 10, also known as IE10, is a Windows based browser developed as a part of Microsoft's web browsers series, and is estimated to be used by a third of all web users. That's not such great news for Microsoft, as this is their most widely and well known browser.
This browser includes quite a few features such as accelerators, automatic changes, automatic tab crash recovery, development tools, favorites' bar, internal page text search, In Private mode which is a privacy protection tool, stable and good performance, SmartScreen Filter, recommended sites, automatic feeds, zooming in, picture's size changing, ActiveX, etc.
You can see that this is a browser that offers a comprehensive browsing experience. However, there are still several competitors who give it a run for its money.
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